Circular Economy

Circular Economy

We at EnviroMuslims are extremely passionate about minimizing waste and reusing elements where possible. We are driven to raise awareness, and change mind-sets about old clothes, books and old items- why throw them out when they can be reused by another?

To meet our objective, the goal is to host “Swap” inspired events. These will will create a space for factual dialogue, but also allow others to exchange items. We want to make sure all “lightly” used items find a “new” home, while minimizing waste.

If you or your organization are looking to partner with us, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Past events

Winter clothing swap

Winter Swap n’ Connect in collaboration with Beneficient

Held on: December 21, 2019

With the success of the last clothing swamp, there was demand for another. This event was in collaboration with Beneficient (, a non-profit that provides interest-free lending rooted in compassion and empowerment for Canadians in need.

The event created an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals interested in learning more about the environmental benefits of swapping and the link between financial savings and sustainability. The scope of the swap was expanded to include books, accessories and all winter gear.

The structure of the event was similar to the last one where attendees could swap 1 item for 1 they donated, with a maximum of 5 items.

Through eager participation we swapped a total of 27 articles of clothing and books, and the remaining 40 items were donated to the Muslim Welfare Centre & the local library.

Fall Clothing Swap

Swap ‘n Connect

Held on: October 23rd 2019

Did you know the fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined!?According to @wrwcanada , the average person throws away 37 kilograms of textiles each year and every second, the equivalent of a garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in landfill every second.

Not only are the environmental impacts of the fashion industry scary and should NOT be ignored, the social impacts are just as concerning around the world, companies are opening factories in the poorest countries and a.) hiring workers and paying them (sometimes) next to nothing and b.) making them work in conditions that are unsafe (have you heard of the Rana Plaza collapse? It not, Google it please!)
To raise further awareness, the EnviroMuslism held a Fall clothing swap over at Studio 89. The event allowed people to drop off their sweaters, scarfs and other items in advance or bring the day off.

Each attendee was then allowed to swap a new item for every one they brought – with a maximum of 5. The event was a great success and it was refreshing to see the dialogue it sparked around how to shop keeping the environment in mind.