Our Climate, Our Stories

Our Climate Our Stories is a compilation of essays, stories, and poems written by Black, Indigenous, and youth of color from Canada. This e-book was developed to amplify diverse voices on emotions related to climate change, as well as journeys and experiences, communication, impacts and climate action. Our Climate, Our Stories showcases 20 young Canadian writers along with illustrations developed by Climate Illustrated.

Our Climate, Our Stories is a project of People Planet Pages, a book club run in partnership with EnviroMuslims, Community Climate Council and Books-Art-Music Collective, intended to bring together a community of readers to discuss environmental and social sustainability, to initiate conversations, and to provide skills necessary to live sustainable lifestyles. 

This project was generously funded by the Rising Youth Grant, a program led by TakingItGlobal. Our teams would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Nature Canada, World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada), David Suzuki Foundation, Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, and Climate Strike Canada for providing a foreword and opening statements to each section of the e-book.

Download the e-book by clicking on the cover below!

Special Thank You

We would also like to express our appreciation to the following illustrators for their creative contributions:

Luise Hesse. Halle, Germany (illustrator and lead designer) @lufie.nesse, [email protected]

Carolina Altavilla. Buenos Aires, Argentina (illustrator and designer) @caroaltavilla, [email protected]

Jenny Schneider. Boston, USA (illustrator) @Jenny_schneider, [email protected]

Audrey SUAU. Lyon, France (illustrator) @audreysuau_illustration, [email protected]

Satyasree Rajeeth. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (illustrator) @satyasreerajeeth, [email protected]

Zelo Safi. Washington, DC, USA (illustrator) @createdbyz_, [email protected]

Orvokki a.k.a. Kaisa Leppäkoski. Turku, Finland (illustrator) @mielenkuvia, @kaisaleppakoski, [email protected]

Jenny Caldwell. Olympia, WA, USA (illustrator) @jennycaldwelldesign, @jennypaintswithpixels, [email protected]

Nina Clausonet. Chiemgau, Germany (illustrator)@nina.clausonet, [email protected]